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What is Virtual FD?

Our Virtual FD service draws together all our expertise and refers to the outsourcing of parts, or all of your accounting function.

You choose the level of outsourcing you require depending on your circumstances. At its simplest we can fulfill a Virtual Finance Director role overseeing your accounting function, or you can completely outsource your finance function to our Virtual Finance Department.

The benefits of outsourcing

Many businesses now outsource key functions such as HR, IT, Legal, Facilities Management etc.  Outsourcing your Finance should be thought of just another efficient rationalisation of your business. Key benefits of outsourcing are:

  • You do not need to expend time and energy on the management of support functions. You can focus your time where it is more valuable, on your clients;
  • It is cheaper. On top of an employee's take home pay you have to fund their PAYE, their employee's National Insurance, your employer's National Insurance, their holiday pay, their sick pay (on top of the Statutory minumum), their pension, their other benefits. The list goes on;
  • There are no onerous employment regulations to comply with, which even temporary workers can now claim the protection of.  No unfair dismissal, no spurious discrimination claims, no jobsworth employees. Just a simple contract which can be terminated at your discretion;
  • You get a wider range of expertise for your spend.  An employee only brings with them their knowledge, and can often be out of their depth in new situations. With us you get the full experience of the firm.



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