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Tax Investigations

There are no two ways about it.  Tax investigations are stressful and time consuming. The accusatory nature of the correspondence, the seemingly unreasonable demands for information and the uncertainty all place great demands on those being investigated.

Staff at HMRC are generally highly proficient and dedicated individuals whose goal is to protect the public purse.  If you are being investigated it could be because there are potential errors in your tax disclosures, there is uncertainty about the technical interpretation of an item, or you have been selected for a random check.  It is the duty of the relevant officer at HMRC to conduct the investigation thoroughly and appropriately, using all the powers at their disposal, and in our experience this is generally the case.

To ensure that your interests are best represented you need the experience of people who know the process inside out, who can argue for the correct interpretation of uncertain positions, and who have settled numerous cases at the highest level of HMRC.

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